VE Mobile - Professional + Hardware Bundle

The VE Mobile Professional Edition and hardware bundle are a very affordable way to purchase a turn-key mobile solution.  The package includes both a license to the VE Mobile Professional Edition and a handheld mobile hardware unit.  The software will arrive pre-installed and configured.  The devices can be locked down for shop-floor use and include remote support software that we utilize for remote technical support.  

Each Bundle Includes

1 - User license of VE Mobile Professional
1 - Zebra Handheld Mobile Computer

Hardware options include:

  • MC92XX series (Recommended for Wi-Fi)
  • C95XX series (Recommended for Data)
  • MC45 (Recommended for 1D scan engine)


Pre-installed Software.  We ship the hardware to you with VE Mobile already installed.

Locked-down Hardware.  The mobile device will be locked down to prevent unauthorized access to other applications.

Remote Support.  The mobile device will be set-up with an application to allow us to connect remotely to the device in case you call for help.

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