VE Mobile - Professional Edition

The professional edition of VE Mobile puts the full power of Infor ERP Visual (Visual Enterprise or Visual Manufacturing) onto your shop floor mobile device.  Work order receipts.  Location Transfers.  Interbranch Transfers.  Issue Material To Work Orders.  PO Receipts.  Part Traceability Support.  All accessible and optimized for mobility and efficiency.


VE Mobile is extremely scalable.  It is designed to use simple Internet connections and protocols, allowing it to scale dramatically.

VE Mobile is designed to be graphical.  Instead of grids and archaic character displays, VE Mobile utilizes graphical buttons, fields, drop downs, and colors, much like the Visual Enterprise client software.

VE Mobile is optimized for productivity.  The applications utilize "smart" scanning of barcodes, placing data into the correct fields based on the barcode type.


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