Barcode & Mobile Solutions for INFOR VISUAL ERP


VE Mobile is the premier barcoding and mobile extension available for Infor VISUAL® Manufacturing / Enterprise ERP, adding flexibility and productivity improvements through the introduction of mobile scanning technology to the warehouse.  

The VE Mobile application provides VISUAL ERP users the ability to perform VISUAL transactions such as part location transfers, work order receipts, interbranch transfers, shipments, etc. using barcodes and mobile devices.  

You can use VE Mobile on any mobile device that supports wireless and is running the Windows Mobile or Windows CE operating systems.

Available VE Mobile Features & Modules


VE Mobile brings an incredible array of VISUAL Manufacturing ERP functionality to a mobile shop floor unit.  You can perform the following processes within VISUAL Manufacturing ERP using barcodes and a mobile scanning device.


Part Inquiry

Scan a part number barcode and the part inquiry functionality will then return a part description, warehouse locations, bin location, and quantities per bin location, all from VISUAL.

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Location INQUIRY

Scan or enter a warehouse and bin to retrieve a list of all of the parts and quantities found within that location. 

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Work Order Receipts

Scan a barcode and then scan bin and part ID barcodes to confirm stocking locations.  Enter quantities and even add new locations for an item in VISUAL ERP right from the mobile device.

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Scan a part ID barcode and then move materials from one inventory location to another.  Even split quantities to multiple VISUAL locations while doing a transfer.

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Interbranch Transfer (IBT)

Perform VISUAL Interbranch Transfers from a mobile device at each point in the process...entry, shipping and receiving.

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Issue Materials to Work Orders

Imagine issuing materials to work orders from anywhere on your shop floor.

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PO Receipts

Scan a PO number barcode to see all the line items.  Scan line items and enter quantities.

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Perform VISUAL ERP shipments from your mobile barcode scanner.  Scan customer orders, enter quantities to ship and confirm.  Compatible with traceability.

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Physical Inventory

Perform physical inventory counts on a mobile shop-floor barcode scanner.

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