Installation Services

SaberLogic can provide you with installation support for VE Mobile Professional Edition via telephone or a remote PC connection session.  Once you receive the scanner(s), please contact us to schedule a day and time to install VE Mobile and answer any questions/issues with a VE Mobile engineer.

These installation services include the following:

  • Pre-Configure Mobile Scanners
    • Install/Configure VE Mobile Client Application
    • Install/Configure Zebra App Center (Customize the Scanner GUI for Shop Floor use)
    • Install/Configure Remote (Admin) Access
  • Install/Configure IIS – Internet Information Services
    • Setup VE Mobile Web Services
  • Install/Configure IIS – Internet Information Services
  • Install/Configure Admin Console (on 1 or more server/client workstations)
  • Install/Configure Transaction Processor service.
  • Assist with Mobile Scanners Wireless Setup
  • Validate/Test VE Mobile Setup

NOTE:  SaberLogic does not provide installation or technical support for users of the free edition of VE Mobile. We encourage you to go to our online user forum and post your questions there.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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