Technical Specifications

Current Version

Version with a release date of 11/24/2015.  



Support for public HTTPS connections with user-based security.


Device Support

Native barcode scan support for Zebra and Intermec devices.

Wedge barcode scan support for almost any device running Windows CE or Windows Mobile OS.  (NOTE:  Windows CE 4.2 is not currently supported.)

We highly recommend the following hardware platforms:

  • Zebra MC4500 Series
  • Zebra MC9190 Series
  • Zebra MC9290 Series
  • Zebra MC9500 Series


Supported VISUAL System Types

  • Support for VISUAL 8.0.0 and below.
  • Support for Oracle 10g, 11g   (Only supported through VISUAL 7.0)
  • Support for SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012


→ Archived VE Mobile version release notes

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