VE Mobile - Part Inquiry



The part inquiry feature of VE Mobile allows you to scan a part ID barcode or enter a part ID and learn the part description, warehouses, bin locations, and quantity data directly from your Infor VISUAL ERP. 

How Does It Work? 

Main Menu

Start by clicking the "Part Inquiry" button on the main screen.  

Part Inquiry Home Screen

That will open up the "Part Inquiry" main screen, shown here.

Enter Part ID Number

Scan a Part ID barcode or type in any Part ID and hit enter. 

The main panel will then populate with information about the part from VISUAL ERP, including:

  • Part description
  • Warehouse where the part is currently stocked *
  • Bin location within the warehouse where the part is currently stocked
  • Quantity of the part found at that bin location

Select Warehouse and Location

To check if the selected Part ID is in a specific location, scan the Warehouse and Bin ID and it will highlight that specific location on the list.


* It’s possible thru a setup parameter to designate that you want only to see information for a certain warehouse and in that event you won’t see any info for the other warehouses on the panel.

Demo Video

Video Transcription

This is the demo for the VE Mobile Module Part Inquiry.  I would start off by selecting Part Inquiry on the screen.  Once I select this, it’s going to ask me for the part ID.  I will go ahead and scan this quarter inch plate barcode.  Once I scan that barcode, the look up will pull in the part description and you’ll have this grid that will show you all of the warehouses, locations and quantities available.  This gives visibility into your inventory in your warehouse and, if you need to know where something is, it allows you to have this information at your fingertips. 

There is also the functionality to scan a specific warehouse ID and the location.  I’m going to go ahead and scan that.  Once I do, it’s going to highlight that location for me so I don’t have to go through and scroll to try to find anything.  I can just scan a location and it’s going to tell me the quantity available in that location.

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