VE Mobile - Pricing

Traditional Licensing

Software Only

Starts at $3,500

As low as $2,500 per license

Installation services available

Annual maintenance provides support and upgrade assurance

With Hardware

Starts at $5,000

As low as $4,500 per license

Zebra MC92XX Hardware

Accessories kit and extended warranties available

Annual maintenance provides support and upgrade assurance


VE Mobile Installation, Implementation, & Training

$1,995 (one-time fee)

  • Pre-configure Mobile Scanners
  • Install/Configure VE Mobile Client Application
  • Install/Configure Motorola App Center (Customize the Scanner GUI for Shop Floor Use)
  • Install/Configure Remote (Admin) Access
  • Install/Configure IIS – Internet Information Services
  • Install/Configure Admin Console (on 1 or more server/client workstations)
  • Install/Configure Transaction Processor Service
  • Assist with Mobile Scanners Wireless Setup
  • Validate/Test VE Mobile Setup
  • Visual Reports Enhancements
  • Add/Update Barcoding (related to VE Mobile)
  • Add/Update Visual Information (related to VE Mobile)
  • Crystal Reports Enhancement
  • Label Design (Loftware, Bartender, Crystal Reports or other existing Label Applications)
  • VE Mobile Training


VE Mobile Annual Maintenance

$700/ea. (reoccurring annually) (suggested)

Ongoing maintenance provides complimentary product uplifts for future versions of ERP systems and support/bug fixes for the delivery beyond the included 60-day period.


Extended Warranty for the Zebra (Motorola) MC9290 Scanner

$350/ea. (optional)

Zebra Enterprise One Care Select Service. Includes comprehensive coverage on the MC9290 scanner for an additional 3 years. (There is a one year warranty with the initial purchase.)


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