VE Mobile - Location Inquiry

Location Inquiry


The location inquiry feature of VE Mobile allows you to scan a warehouse and bin ID barcode or enter an ID and then see a list of all of the parts and current quantity from your Infor VISUAL ERP. 

How Does It Work?

Main Menu

Begin by clicking the "Location Inquiry" button on the main screen.

Enter warehouse and Location

After selecting the "Location Inquiry" option, you will see a new panel where you can scan a barcode (or manually enter) for a warehouse and bin location.  

Display Parts in the Warehouse and Location

You will receive back from VISUAL,  a list of all of the parts, with their description and quantity, found in that warehouse and bin location.


Enter Part ID to Find Quantity Available

To check if the selected Part ID is in a location, scan the Part ID and it will highlight the part line.



As with other Visual UI panels, there is the capability to alter the sort sequence just by clicking on the header of the column for which you’d like to see the results ordered.

The solution has been programmed to identify the type of label you are scanning automatically. This feature allows the scan to take place without having the cursor active on the field.

As there may be a significant number of parts stored at a location and scrolling to a part can be time-consuming, VE Mobile allows you to scan a part ID barcode and the screen will auto-scroll to that part number in the grid.

Demo Video

Video Transcription

This is the demo for the VE Mobile Module Location Inquiry.  This module is the inverse of part inquiry meaning we are now able to look up the warehouse and location.  It gives visibility to all of the parts that are listed in this warehouse location.  I will select Location and Query on the screen.  When I do it’s going to ask me for a warehouse and location, so I will go ahead and scan the warehouse ID barcode.  Once I do that, it’s going to pull in all of the part IDs, part descriptions and quantities available in this location. 

As we did in the Part Inquiry module, I am able to scan now a part ID and it will highlight that on the screen for me once I do if it’s available in this location.  I scanned that quarter inch plate and it pulled up here that there are 30,804 available in this specific location.

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